Wellness Circle

Our wellness circle is made up of individuals who have contributed their knowledge to support coping skills which use natural wellness and peer based methods.

Creative Healing & Entertainment

Pure essential oils & diffuser options

Organic smudges and lavender bundles by Organic Girls Candle Co

HeartStorms Studios artisan essential oil blends

Essential oil scented bath bombs, bubble bars + shower steamers handcrafted by Time Away Bath

Luxurious soap made with goat milk from the critically endangered SCI breed by Wisconsin based EB Ranch.

Pure & natural personal care from Sacred Ibis Botanicals

Natural artisan skin care by Antionette Grace

Four Elements awarding winning Wisconsin grown and crafted herbal wellness products

Organic Girls Candle Co. hand poured aromatherapy candles

Four Elements organic medicinal herbal teas

Davidson's Organics black & green teas

Davidson's Organic herbal teas + Ayurvedic blends

Wise Ways Herbals wellness products

Aromatherapy Nature's Way wellness quality essential oil based personal care

Topical herbal wellness by The Herbal Cache

Massage & carrier oils from Aura Cacia

Salt lamps, carved from Himalayan or Polish pink salt

Crystals & gemstones from Minnesota Blarney Stone