Sacred Skin Facial Set - Floral Cleansing Buff + Crochet Cloth + Mini Art Card

This set is supportive to the calling to connect with the sacred that lives within your skin. A gentle botanical facial buff combines with a hand crocheted washcloth for a face cleanse steeped in nurturing roots from ages past. Use every few days for fresh skin and a little moment of self nurture, or give the gift of a sacred skin.


  • 1 round cotton facial washcloth by Lydia Hanson
  • 1 Floral Cleansing Buff handcrafted by herbalist Phyllis Jaworski (Sacred Ibis Botanicals)
  • 1 Miniature watercolor art card painted by Kaia Ivry at Whole Heart
  • Made in Wisconsin + Minnesota
  • Shop Small - Feel Good!


Floral Cleansing Buff Contains: Oats*, almond*, lavender*, rose*, chamomile*, and french green clay.   *Certified organic


"Gently scrub away oil and dead skin cells to leave your skin smooth and refreshed with this aromatic mix of organic oats, almonds, flowers and clay."

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