Quartz Healing - Stone Starter Set

Quartz Healing - Stone Starter Set

Each form of quartz, in fact every stone of every kind, is unique and special, like you. This set of 3 tumbled stones and 1 crystal point includes 4 kinds of lovely to look at, healing quartz. Pop them into the little pouch to carry with you abd whichever stones feel right in each moment, place them around your home for a little boost, or give the gift of clear and calm.


  • 1 each; tumbled milky quartz, rose quartz, amethyst +1 quartz crystal point
  • Comes with white organza carrying pouch
  • Sourced from Minnesota based lapidary Terri Kilbride (MN Blarney Stone)
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Snapshot of qualities attributed to stones:

Clear Quartz: protection from negativity, spiritual energy, amplifies benefits of other stones

Milky Quartz: purify negative energy, reduce pain

Rose Quartz: promote universal love & self love, sooth and calm

Amethyst: reduce stress, ovecome fear and anxiety, spiritual awareness (purple stone)


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