Plum Purple Hummingbird + White Flower - Patterned Ceramic Magnet Set

Special items for every day use are a great thing for real beauty appreciators like you. These two one of a kind hand made ceramic fridge magnets have lovely pressed patterns and an authentic artisan flair. Use them to add a nice to touch to a fridge reminder or picture, or give the gift of artisan style.


  • 2 magnets (1 round white flower pattern, 1 plum hummingbird)
  • One of a kind magnets by ceramicist Dawn Springer
  • Made in Minnesota
  • Shop Small — Feel Good


Hummingbirds are among the smallest of all birds and very aerobatic. They can fly up, down, backward and  can change direction in an instant. This can remind us of the power of adaptability… Being willing to take a moment to pause and look at things from a new perspective, and then shift as needed. They are often seen as symbols of joy and healing.


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