Pink+Green Unakite+ Wood+Sunstone Mala - Encouraging Meditation/Prayer Necklace

Pink+Green Unakite+ Wood+Sunstone Mala - Encouraging Meditation/Prayer Necklace

Each mala is a one of a kind necklace, hand strung with loving intention by a Reiki master and perfect for brave spirits open to healing. These stunning natural stone necklaces offer all the gifts of feeling good in wonderful adornment while also providing an unique focal point experience for mantra meditation, affirmations or prayers. Encourage yourself or give the gift of beautiful stress reducing jewelry.


  • One of a kind mala necklace with 108 main beads by Cassandra Lueck (HeartStorms Studio)
  • Handcrafted + Energized using Reiki energy healing from unakite, sunstone and wood beads
  • Made in Wisconsin
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"This mala encourages action, seizing the day (unakite,) promotes good vibes and wards off negativity (sunstone.) Grounds and connects us to the earth (wood.)"


How to use a mala:

Work using the hand of your choice by holding your mala so that it's resting over the third finger.  Bring the beads toward you one by one using your thumb. With each bead repeat your mantra, affirmation or prayer. When you get around to the largest bead (known as the guru bead) stop and go the other way again. Repeat as many times as desired to soothing.


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