Fortunate Silkstone/ Binghamite - Rare Agate Polished Slab

Fortunate Silkstone/ Binghamite - Rare Agate Polished Slab

Each and every piece of binghamite is a one of a kind, just like you. Also known as silkstone, this rare type of agate can only be found in the Cuyuna iron range in Minnesota and is said to bring good fortune and enhance mind body spirit balance. Add this special stone to your personal collection, or give the gift of good things.


  • One of a kind polished Binghamite
  • Sourced in Minnesota by Terri Kilbride (MN Blarney Stone)
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About binghamite

Binghamite (also called silkstone, american tiger eye and cuyunite) is a type of agate stone found only on the Cuyuna iron range in Crow Wing County, Minnesota. The formation of the stone occurs near deposits of iron ore. Mining in the area uncovered deposits of the stone, but since mining operations were discontinued in the area many years ago the stone has become fairly rare and is sought after by lapidarists and gem collectors. It has areas that are highly chatoyant similar to pietersite or tiger's eye. It is a variety of quartz with fibers of goethite or hematite usually in colors of red, gold, and black.


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