Divine Clarity - Quartz-Amethyst-Fluorte + Sterling Silver Earrings

Divine Clarity - Quartz-Amethyst-Fluorte + Sterling Silver Earrings

Jewelry lovers will appreciate that these were made with the loving intention to support a divine connection to your unique beauty and truest expression. Beautiful quartz, fluorite and amethyst stones work together to support divine connection, intuition and clear communication. A perfect celebration of your spirit day or night, or give the gift of divine clarity.


  • One of a kind stone stacked earring set on sterling silver ear wires
  • Handmade by Sarah Cura (SaraCura Spirit)
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What SaraCura Spirit has to say about these:

7th Chakra

Crown~Divine Connection

7th chakra relates to self knowledge & spiritual awareness. Balance brings guidance, widsom & inner strength.


6th Chakra

3rd Eye ~ Intuition

6th chakra relates to being responsible fro our own life, following our soul path and trusting our intuition. When balanced, we are clear sighted.


5th Chakra

Throat ~ Communication

5th chakra is all about self expression and the ability to communicate our needs. When balanced, this chakra enhances loyalty, trustworthiness & a sense of calm.

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