Clearing Smoke - Herbal Incense Bundle + River Shell

Clearing Smoke - Herbal Incense Bundle + River Shell

You excellent keepers of home know all about keeping your space fresh and this lovely herbal bundle has several botanicals to help you. Light one end and walk around while holding it over the shell to catch any drifters, then use the shell to extinguish it carefully. Freshen up your space, or give the gift of a clearer air.


  • Organically grown herbs with certified organic lavender
  • Ethically cultivated
  • Hand tied bundle by Margo Collins (Organic Girls Candle Co)
  • Made in Minnesota + Wisconsin
  • Shop Small — Feel Good


The herbs in this bundle combine for a refeshing, cleansing burn with a note of sweet at the end.

Please burn responsibly!


Botanical burning can be traced back through many cultures, over thousands of years. The idea that smoke can be purifying or cleansing is a theme throughout many spiritual and religious cultures. Incense or herbal smoke, such as this bundle are most commonly used.


For some cultures in history, such as those in Europe, burning herbs also had more practical purposes. For example, it was used as a way to fumigate parasites and bugs from animals and people. This bundle includes both lavender and sage which have antibacterial properties. Many people of varying philosophies, choose to burn herbal bundles or incense today because of the sense of clean, clear and calm it can bring.



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