Citrus Cheer Healing Care Kit - Essential Oil+ Bath Bomb+ Tea+ Crochet Toy

Citrus Cheer Healing Care Kit - Essential Oil+ Bath Bomb+ Tea+ Crochet Toy

Your uplifting acts of kind encouragement can really have a big impact. This cheer up citrus healing care kit combines cheering tangerine essential oil with an orange bath bomb, an assortment of fruity black and green teas and an adorable hand made amigurimi mouse for a fun pick me up set. Treat yourself, thank a front line worker or give a loved one the gift of citrus cheer.


  • .5 oz Tangerine pure essential oil (Aura Cacia)
  • Orange essential oil scented all natural luxury bath bomb handmade by Heather Arguello (Time Away Bath)

  • Truly unique forest green amigurumi hand crocheted and stuffed toy by Lydia Hansen, fun to squeeze and cats love them too!
  • 6 assorted organic tea bags, 3 fruity black (lemon mango, spiced peach, spiced pear) and 3 green (green tea garden, lemon ginseng, morroccan mint)  from Davidson's Organics

  • One of a kind miniature watercolor art card painted by Kaia Ivry at Whole Heart (blank inside)
  • Made in Wisconsin + Minnesota + Iowa
  • Shop Small - Feel Good!


About these products:


Orange bath bomb contains: orange essential oil, baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, shea butter, olive oil, sea salt, and/organic dired plant material.


One of a kind hand painted miniature watercolor art card.


***Please note: Our kits should not be used as a substitute for appropriate medical care and we are not medical professionals. Ask your health care provider about using natural wellness products, herbs and essential oils as part of a personal wellness plan.