Phyllis Jaworski

Sacred Ibis Botanicals

skin care + herbal care

With the encouragement and support of family and friends I founded Sacred Ibis Botanicals in 2015. Many years ago, while studying in Kenya, Africa, I fell in love with the beautiful Sacred Ibis bird for its powerful presence and grace. Upon returning from Africa I learned of the Ibis’ significance to Egyptians who honor the bird as the gift of knowledge and the healing power of plants. The water beneath the Sacred Ibis represents the purity in nature, and the moon is a reminder of the constant ebb and flow of life.


Phyllis graduated from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in 2001 with a degree in Animal Science and a minor in Chemistry. After working in the diagnostic field for over 12 years, she changed course to stay home with her two children.  During this time with her children, Phyllis developed a love for plants and an understanding of their benefits, which became her passion.

Sacred Ibis Botanicals was established in 2015 with an emphasis on hand-crafted personal care products that met Phyllis’ need for safe ingredients for herself and her children.  In 2016 after being told there was nothing more her doctor could do to treat her endometriosis until it was severe enough to require surgery, Phyllis turned to herbalism. Five years later, and with no need for surgery, her endometriosis is under control thanks to identifying, verifying, and using the correct combination of herbal treatments. Phyllis now assists clients in achieving their health care goals.

In 2019 Phyllis received her Master of Herbalism certification having studied under Gigi Stafne of  Green Wisdom School of Natural & Botanical Medicine. Her 2,000 hours of study and training included clinical work, materia medica monographs, and a thesis paper focused on environmental radiation remediation. In 2019 she also completed the Environmental Health & Herbalism Certificate Program by the Women’s Environmental Institute and Green Wisdom School of Natural & Botanical Medicine. This certificate offers an interdisciplinary, integrative 30-credit certificate-level course of studies that prepares graduates for a variety of holistic health positions with the ultimate goal of helping  sustain the health of clients, communities, land, and the environment.

When not in her office, Phyllis can be found with her boys, collecting plants, tending her garden, or volunteering as a St. Croix Valley Master Gardener.