A Little Bit About Us



Sometimes what we see as our biggest weakness turns out to be the path to our calling.

Once upon a time a big hearted little girl wanted to change the world. She was deeply moved by its inequities and the sorrow of them felt impossible. Many years passed and she grew into a passionate woman determined to help. Even just a little.

The shared dream of a healthier, fairer and more joyful world is the foundation of our way of doing business. It's why we feature authentic, small batch and handcrafted products all made by women artisans or sourced from women owned companies.


If you drop into the little shop on any given day, you'll find special goods, wellness supports and owner-operator Kaia to greet you at the counter. Hope to see you soon!


Hello from co-founder Kaia Ivry!

We're in this together.

Our definition of success depends upon upholding a triple bottom line: people & planet along with profit. We live to support "the little guys" (or in our case gals) and make efforts to reduce our environmental impact, such as reuse of packaging and natural cleaning practices. We also feature one of the "cleanest" skin care departments you will ever find. That means the least amount of chemical effects on the earth...As well as on you!

​Each item has been hand picked for it's special quality, efficacy, beauty and ethical production. Our makers are amazing women from all walks of life, creating rare and special things. They are the true heartbeat of what we do and it's an honor to be their champions. We invite you to join us by purchasing artisan wares and quality wellness products that you can feel deeply good about.  Shop small -  spread love - feel good!

10% of Whole Heart's profit is donated to charitable causes. We're currently raising money for:

Wisconsin Landmark Conservancy-- " Conserving Wisconsin's natural legacy for everyone... forever. "

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