Margo Collins

Organic Girls Candle Co

candles + bath

We respect our earth and its people and their ability to create and trade. We support Local and Independent Artists, Designers and Crafters

We are an all-natural Bath and Candle Company that specializes in creating luxurious, hand-crafted products with the purest of ingredients.

A family owned business that networks with individuals and business across America.
If you think about it, almost every home across the world has a candle in it. This is a necessary product, that happens to also be a luxury item. Our candles burn long and clean, making them a great value. We hope you enjoy the ambiance and aromatherapy they give to you and yours.

​Our standard: We use American made ingredients first. If an ingredient is indigenous to a country over seas, we search for sustainable fair trade farms and suppliers to buy from. It is important to us to know where every little component comes from that goes into our finished product. In every way we want you to feel good about using what we make.

The cupboard at my Grandmas house was filled with Chamomile, Lavender and a great many medicinal herbs. She was big on living clean and she had a knack for good health by means of herbals, nutrition, clean air, clean water and clean food. We would go to the garden and pick vegetables and hop in the old 68 Ford pickup, head down the road to trade our fresh picked vegetables for dairy and eggs. From their humble lifestyle, I learned a few great things...

Take good care of what you have, starting over is harder. Respect the earth and what it provides for you. Honor the old ways and remember the way things used to be and pass them on.