Kaia Ivry

Whole Heart co-founder


I'm a multi-disciplinary artist currently working in the mediums of fine art and wearable textiles and handcrafted miniatures.


I have a background in performance art and painting and over 20 years of natural wellness experience. Right now I focus on explorations where healing and art connect, including creating tiny things because they tend to make me squee. It's very important to have fun in life!

I've made art with regularity since I was a small child and still enjoy the freedom and non-verbal connection visual arts can create. I'm passionate about the natural world, and am deeply in love with the upper Mississippi river valley where I live. You should really come visit!


I got my creative start doing fun crafts with my mother, who was a kindergarten teacher with a huge repertoire of projects using everything from raw eggs to cut up candy wrappers.

I study and utilize a variety of natural living and wellness practices including herbalism, essential oils, whole foods diet, supplements, self-compassion techniques, mindfulness and meditation and yoga. I have a professional history working in wellness departments with supplements, personal care and natural foods as well as with children and supporting peers. I've also been sharing natural living practices through volunteerism with people struggling with a variety of challenges for the last twelve years.


I pretty much live to learn and got lucky because it's not possible to know it all. I hope to live long and never be bored!