Heather Arguello

Time Away Bath

luxury bath products


Preservative Free + All Natural

I started my own company after much demand from my family and friends--and their friends, too--when I began giving away samples of my products for them to try. I started making my own luxury bath products after learning to love the high end bath products I received as gifts, and decided that "I can do that!" And even did it better (I think!) :)

I use naturally derived, vegan ingredients and no preservatives. As a perfectionist, I demand that each product be up to the highest quality standard and perform well while being good for your skin, too. As a mom, I think these good-for-you things should be fun, too. (Even for adults!)

I hope you will find great pampering and relaxation and fun in the products I make, and they will inspire you to take the Time Away for yourself, and provide the Time Away for those you love that need it.