Cassandra Lueck

HeartStorms Studio

essential oils, jewelry, eco-dying



My passion for creating, primarily jewelry, began in 2001. I was in high school at this point in my life, and embarked on a life-changing journey with my mother – we uprooted and moved across the county from Wisconsin to the entirely amazing and beautiful state of Alaska. Here, we were welcomed with majestic mountains, pristine blue waters, and exquisite art by Alaskan Native’s, whom are known for their intricate seed beading. For my mom and I, it was love at first sight. I spent countless hours stringing necklaces and making simple daisy chains, while my mom took on the much more challenging world of glass lampwork beads. Many years and lots of life later, I made a promise to myself that I would create a platform for selling my creations and allow my passion come alive and thrive.


2 0 1 6 - P R E S E N T

In the summer of 2016,  heartSTORMS Studio was born! I describe a "heart storm" as any powerful or profound emotion -- something that you will not soon forget. I began my business model with the desire for my art to be the same -- something unforgettable; something to be worn or used for a reason or a purpose; a symbol or representation of a part of its wearer. I put energy, emotion and care into everything that I make, and offer it to the world with humble hands.



My journey continues each and every day, and I am thankful for both the obstacles and magical moments that I encounter. Growth is a part of life, and as I continue to nurture and breathe life into heartSTORMS, I will seek new avenues to bring special treasures to you, my friends, and dream of a brick + mortar shop.

Wishing you the happiest of heartSTORMS!"